Type of body: Enclosed single truck.
Frame construction: Steel frame and body panels with wood floor and roof.
Original builder: Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board, Vic., Australia.
Date: 1926-8
Re-build date: Bendigo Tramways, 2002/3.
Passenger capacity: 32 seated, 32 standing.
Weight: 22,848 lbs. (10.4 metric tonnes).
Length: 31’0” (9.448 metres).
Width: 8’1” (2.463 metres).
Height (over roof): 10’0” (3.048 metres).
Operating speed: 30 mph (48.6 kph).
Braking rate: Four feet/sec./sec. @ 10 mph (1.22 metres/sec./sec. @ 16.1kph).
Motors: Two 40 hp (29.8kW) 600 volt DC Metropolitan Vickers MV101.
Gearing Double-helical.
Truck: Melbourne type 2B (2 axel fabricated).
Wheels: Four x 26.5” (0.673 m.) diameter solid disc wheels with tires.
Controllers: Two x General Electric KE35JJ.
Braking: Normal:- Pneumatic;
Emergency: - Motor braking (dynamic);
Parking brake: - Manual ratcheted wheel/cable.
Compressor: One General Electric CP27.
Compressor governor: General Electric “L” type.
Air operating range: 60 – 70 psi (413.7 – 482.7kPa).
Motorman’s valves: Westinghouse type W (self-lapping).
Sanding equipment: Pneumatic. Foot button actuated.
Windshield wipers: Pneumatic.
Doors: Four. Pneumatic, bi-fold with folding steps. Equpped with propulsion system interlock.
Seats: 12 x upholstered tip-over; Four x upholstered fixed.
Power collection: Trolley pole with harp
Low voltage electrics: 12 volt DC for external lighting and P.A.
Safety Fender: Under-body automatic type with trip gate and drop-down tray.
Audible Warning/
Gong (underfloor) conductor's signal bell at each end.
Headlights/Markers: 600v headlights, and 12 volt DC L.E.D. markers, brake lights and turn indicators at each end.
Roof construction: Longitudinal Baltic pine tongue and groove boards, covered with painted “Durum” acrylic roof treatment. Underside - varnished.
Destination Signs: Roof-mounted roller curtain type.