Spare Parts Available

Only available to the purchaser of the streetcars, and for replacement on these streetcars. The parts are available immediately FOB Bendigo. Prices on application. We have in stock replacement parts for all components of these streetcars.

Controllers: General Electric K35JJ.
US $22,500 ea.
Wheel/axle sets: 2’2.5” (0.673 metre) diameter disc wheels and axles
US $3,350 per axle
Motors: Metro Vickers MV101.
US $33,500 ea.
Compressor: General Electric CP 27.
US $13,400 ea.
Compressor governor: General Electric “L” type.
US $5,600 ea.
Folding door motors: Peters pneumatic type.
US $1,700 ea.
Windscreen wiper motors: Trico pneumatic type.
US $670 ea
Trolley base: M&MTB twin spring (modified US15 type).
US $3,360 ea.
Trolley pole: Steel pole filled with carbon-insert shoe or wheel.
US $1,790 ea.
Other items: On request, depending on availability.
These parts are available complete or in individual components. Additional technical/maintenance and operation information is immediately, contact Newstead Tramcars by going to our Contact Us page.