Purchaser's Options

  Purchase the car on-site at Bendigo, Australia
  Another option is an all-up price landed CFR in your nearest Port - with all the transport, shipping, insurance, port charges and other hassles wholly attended to by Newstead Tramcars Pty.Ltd.
Price for C.F.R. at ALL other ports - on application
Price landed on your tracks - on application
Price modified to your requirements - on application

Color scheme: Finished to your requirements.
P.A. system: Internal/external speakers w/ microphone handset at each operating position Type
Wheelchair access: 42” entry doorways. (33" wheelchair clearance). Portable external aluminium ramp supplied.
Wheelchair capacity: Currently, two wheelchairs. Removal of further seats if required.
Roof equipment: To requirement. Two trolley poles, with trolley retrievers and/or hold-down hooks or pantograph.
Roof treatment: “Durum” acrylic roof treatment to 466. To requirement.
Destination indicators: Multiple-destination roller curtain to requirement.
Seats: To requirement. Upholstered transit grade vinyl seats fitted to 466. Other upholstery type or wooden seats available as options.
Driver’s seats: Swivelling, height-adjustable upholstered fitted to 466.
Trolley poles: Wheel or carbon-insert shoe.

Driver vigilance equipment.