(Melbourne “X1” class) available now on-site at Bendigo, Australia.

NEWSTEAD TRAMCARS, based near Melbourne, Australia, offer for sale three 32 seat streetcar saloons single truck streetcars. The streetcars are in the process of frame-up reconstruction and restoration to better-than-new standard (with car 466 now complete and ready to ship). The streetcars are backed up with complete after-sales technical support and a catalogue of spare parts!

The three streetcars are part of a group of ten “X-1” class cars constructed by the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board between 1926 and 1928. The ”X-1” was designed as an improved version of the US type Brill (USA) Birney cars. The car features four folding doors (at each corner of the car) and carries 15 more passengers than the standard “Birney” configuration.


The streetcars are being rebuilt under contract by the Bendigo Tramways ( in its fully-equipped streetcar workshop. The vendors are committed to the highest quality product, which includes accreditation to run in Australia, and which will meet all US operating requirements (including the APTA Heritage Trolley Vehicle Equipment Standard).

The running gear consists of newly constructed truck frames fitted with wheelsets and traction motors from standard Melbourne “W2” streetcars, (the type now running in San Francisco, Memphis, Seattle and other U.S. cities). Rebuilt airbrake and control equipment are also sourced from the Melbourne “W2” cars.

An operating benefit to you of the “X-1” design is the four sets of driver-operated pneumatic folding doors – one at each corner of the car. Loading can be from either side and/or end of the car. Large windows and walk-over upholstered seats make the “X-1” an ideal transit or sight-seeing vehicle. Everyone faces the front! These streetcars can be one-person operated, with room for an optional fare box (not included).

The “X-1” streetcar is a versatile vehicle, operable in all weather conditions. It lends itself to both right-hand AND left-hand drive running. The walk-over seating, and the absence of internal bulk-heads affords every passenger excellent forward views. The gleaming varnished Pacific Maple and Blackwood interiors will enhance the historic feel of this sturdy (steel-framed) piece of streetcar history.

Supplied are easy-to-read step by step manuals for preventative maintenance, periodic maintenance and operation.

Your early order of one or more of these streetcars would enable your transit company to customize the vehicle to your specific requirements. Options include (but are not limited to):-
Company color scheme;
Turn indicators, brake and marker lights (fitted to 466);
P.A. system;
Seat upholstery fabric and color (light brown transit-grade vinyl fitted to 466);
Single or dual trolley poles, with either carbon insert shoe or wheel collection;
Driver vigilance (deadman) equipment.
Paint and varnish surfaces will be finished to automotive standard.

The X-1 streetcar provides a smooth, quiet ride in a comfortable, roomy historic vehicle! Safety has been of paramount importance for the operating systems of these rebuilt streetcars. Turn indicators, brake and marker lights are now fitted to 466. Independent control of each of the four doors is at the flick of a switch– at either end. A lock-out switch prevents tampering. Further, an electrical interlock prevents the car operating under power when the doors are open.

Additional support for the purchasers of these cars includes our phone/email technical Help Desk, and a comprehensive catalogue of spare parts. Included in the purchase are the services of a technical staff member who will do the final assembly, commissioning and training of your maintenance and operational staff inquiries. Overnight is our maximum response time for help inquiries!
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